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So,  you’re looking for a College.


The problem is...


            ...there are so many of them, 


                   ...and so many good ones.



This year The Princeton Review published “The Best 384 Colleges”


But you have seen that there are least 13 other major guides listing between 40 and 2400...


How to choose...and how to get in... .

What I Can Do For You:


I can help with the entire College Admissions Process: from making your decision about which colleges to apply to, to filling out applications and writing those crucial essays.


My name is Laird Durley, and I am an Independent College Consultant and an HECA member, an IECA Professional Member and a member of both WACAC and NACAC.


I am available to help you with both your choice and your applications.

Together we can find, and get you into, a great school.



The help I offer breaks down into three distinct but interrelated services:


  • Consulting
  • Advising
  • Counseling


Consulting entails finding out about you: your personality, your goals, your abilities, 

your academic preparation, your extra academic interests, your hopes/fears about colleges and the process of finding the right one, what research you have (or haven’t) already done on your own or with the aid of others (e.g.  your high school counselor). 

In short, it is our research into you.


It also entails my having researched a number of colleges both on paper and internet but more importantly through detailed on-site visits so that I can show you what’s out there: I have made more that 255 college visits during these last 108 months.


Advising consists in our putting the information gathered about you and the colleges that are out there together, the creation of a tentative list of perhaps 30-40 prospective colleges for you to consider, the refinement of that list into one of approximately 15-20 for you to consider more deeply and visit if possible, and finally a list of perhaps 10-12 to apply to: usually three ‘likely,’ four to six ‘target' ‘ and three ‘stretch.’


Counseling takes place during the application process itself. Here, with you having decided where you wish to apply, we refine your applications so as to tailor each of them to each school. Counseling is not here used as a term of art as in 'Psycologoical Counseling Services' : I have no such degrees nor do I offrer such services; what I offer is College Counseling, no more... but certainly no less !!

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