On the Road for you: the 255 College and University visits  I have made over the last 9 years...and a few more:

  Over the past three years I have personally visited each of the colleges or universities on the following list. At each of these schools I have minimally:


     1) taken a tour of the campus

     2) attended an Information session ( exceptions marked*)

     3) interviewed an associate dean (and usually the dean) of admission

         for 1 to 4 hours using, minimally, my 32 question standardized form

         ( exceptions marked**) and supplimented with 10 or more college-specific ones

     4) interviewed 5-10 students, usually over a meal or two.


Additionally, at 119 of the colleges that follow I have attended at least one, often two and sometimes more classes.


At various colleges on this list over thes last years I have additionally:
    spent the night on campus

    attended recitals, concerts, plays, art exhibits and athletic events

    talked to coaches, faculty, academic deans, dir.of financial aid, and presidents,

    interveiwed college provided student panels,

    walked college run nature preserves/study sites with their directors,               

    participated in Honors Colloquia and exhibitions
    ....and even, on three occasions,

    been invited to ride with the college’s equestrian team!

Trip #1 -10/10/10 - 10/16/10 Maryland & Pennsylvania
        Goucher College ( third visit)
        McDaniel College
        Ursinus College   
        Juniata College
        Bryn Mawr College (my mother-in-law & sister-in-law's alma mater)
        St. John’s College (Annapolis) (multiple visits: my wife's alma mater)

Trip #2 -11/7/10 - 11/13/10 Pennsylvania, Ohio & NewYork
        Allegheny College  
        College of Wooster
        Hiram College
        Oberlin College (second visit)
        Kenyon college
        Denison University (second visit)
        Ohio Wesleyan University

Trip #3 -1/19/11 - 1/29/11 Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi & Tennessee
        Agnes Scott College       
        Birmingham Southern College
        Millsaps College
        Emory College/Oxford College of Emory University
        Rhodes University
        University of the South (Sewanee) (+visit with colleague)

Trip #4 -2/24/11 - 2/28/11 Florida
        Eckerd College ( multiple visits: my second son's alma mater)
        New College of Florida 
Trip #5 -3/20/11 - 3/25/11 Claremont, California ( I grew up here: father worked here)
       Claremont McKenna College
       Harvy Mudd College
       Pomona College (my father's alma mater)
       Scripps College ( my mother's almamater)
       Pitzer College

Trip #6 -4/10/11 - 4/16/11 North Carolina & Virginia
        Davidson College
        Washington and Lee University
        Guilford College
        Lynchburg College
        Emory&Henry College
Trip #7 -4/23/11 - 4/30/11 Oregon & Washington
        Willamette University (third visit)
        Lewis & Clark College (fourth visit)
        Whitman College (third visit)
        Reed College (second visit)
        The Evergreen State College

Trip #8 -7/25/11-7/30/11 New Mexico
        St John’s College (Santa Fe) (my second alma mater)

Trip #9 -10/01/11 California
        Thomas Aquinas College

Trip #10 -9/19/11-9/23/11 Massachusetts & Vermont
        Amherst College ( second visit)
        Smith College ( +visit with colleague )
        Mount Holyoke College 
        Hampshire College
        Clark University (3rd visit)
        Marlboro College ( +visit with colleague)

Trip #11 -10/31/11-11/4/11 Minnesota & Wisconsin
        Carleton College (second visit)    
        St Olaf’s College (second visit)
        Macalester College
        Ripon College (my first alma mater)
        Lawrence University (second visit)

Trip #12 -11/23/11 California
        St Mary’s College (CA) (multiple visits)

Trip #13 -12/6/11-12/7/11 California
        University of Santa Clara
        Mills College ( my sister's alma mater) (+ visit with colleague)

Trip #14 -1/21/12-1/28/12 Illinois & Michigan
        Shimer College
        Wheaton College
        Hope College
        Hillsdale College
        Kalamazoo College


Trip #15 -2/20/12-2/24/12 Indiana. Kentucky & Ohio

        Berea College

        Centre College

        Earlham College

        Wabash College

        Antioch College


Trip #16 -4/09/12-4/13/12 Iowa, Wisconsin & Illinois

        Coe College (second visit)

        Cornell College (IA) (second visit)

        Beloit College (second visit)

        Knox College (second visit)

        Grinnell College (second visit)( +visit with client in 2017)


Trip #17 -7/23/12-7/27/12 Pennsylvania

         Swarthmore (& the IECA Summer Training Institute)

         Bryn Mawr College (tour only) (second visit)

         Haverford Colleges (drive by)

           (Info sessions with Deans from Drexel University* and Ursinus College*)


Trip #18 -9/23/12-9/27/12 Maine

         College of the Atlantic

         Unity College

         Colby College

         Bowdoin College

         Bates College**

               ("does not deal with IECs" ...but I was allowed attend 3 classes)


Trip #19 -11/04/12-11/10/12 Georgia

         Agnes Scott College#

         Spelman College#

         Emory University (Emory College & Oxford College)* (second visit to both)

         Ogalthorpe Univiersity*

# [here and all subsequently marked colleges= on a counselor group tour. (i.e. usually 3-4 hours at each college info session with Dean of Admin.,meal, meeting with a student panel, tour of campus, Q&A.)]


Trip #20 02/11/13-02/13/13 California

         University of Redlands (+Johnston Center) (my older son's alma mater)

         Chapman University

         Whittier College

         University of La Vern (drive by+tour+meeting with dean only)


Trip #21 03/13/13-03/23/13 North Carolina and Massechusetts

         High Point University (sponsored 2day fly-in but no classes)

         Elon University

         Brandeis University

         Boston College

         Wheaton College (MA) (third visit)


Trip #22 04/08/13-04/13/13 Chicago area

         University of Chicago **

         Northwestern University

         Shimer College*(second visit)

         Illinois Inst. of Tech.#

         Illinois Wesleyan University#

         Univ. of Illinois(U-C)#

         VanderCook College of Music#

         Columbia College Chicago.#

          (** Drive by and visit with a client.)


Trip #23  07/31/13-08/02/13 San Francisco Area

          Dominican University

          Stanford University (usual +visit with a client)


Trip #24 9/15/13- 09/22/13  Conn. and Mass and New York

         Yale University (usual + visit with a client)

         Vassar College

         Bard College

         Bard at Simon's Rock

         Wesleyan University


Trip #25 10/20/13-10/26/13 N.Y., Vermont, New Hampshire

         Dartmouth College (second visit)

         Middlebury College (usual + visit with a client) (third visit)

         Union College (second visit)

         Landmark College

         Bennington College

         Skidmore College ( second visit)


Trip #26 11/12/13-11/18/13 San Diego, Los Angeles

         USC# (+ visit with client)

         UCLA#(+visit with client)


         Occidental College# (third visit)

         Loyola Marymount University*( +visit with client)

         Marymount California University*


Trip #27 5/4/14-5/10/14 Indianapolis envirions

          Purdue University#

          Indiana University#


          Butler University#

          Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology#


Trip #28 9/21/14-10/04/14 Pennsylvannia

         Haverford College

         Villanova University

         Lafayette College

         Lehigh University

         Muhlenberg College

         Bucknell University

         Dickinson College

         Gettysburg College

         Franklin&Marshall College

         University of Pennsylvania


Trip #29 11/7/14-11/8/14 Florida

         Beacon College#

         Rollins College ( drive by) (third visit)

         Eckerd College (multiple visits, drive by)


Trip #30 5/04/15-5/14/15  Maryland, Indiana, Iowa, Wyoming

         University of Maryland# (older son's MA here)

         Stevenson University#

         Goucher College#  (third visit)

         US Naval Academy#

         St. John's College# (multiple visits)

         University of Baltimore#

         Johns Hopkins University#

         University of Notre Dame (drive by, tour only)

         Grinnell College ( drive by, tour only) ( third visit)

         University of Wyoming, Laramie (driveby, tour only)


Trip #31 6/14/15-6/19/15 Ohio

          University of Dayton#

          University of Cincinnati#

          Xavier University#

          Dennison University# (third visit)

          Ohio Wesleyan University# (second visit)

          Ohio State University#

          Wittenberg University#


Trip #32 9/20/15-9/28/15 (not all days) Massachusettes, Maryland

          Harvard College # ( tour, info session, +short visit with client)

          Tufts University# (tour, regional dean of admissions indiv 1 hour meeting)

          St. Johns College# (multi day)


Trip #33 11/2/15-11/5/15 Arizona 

          Univ. of Northern Arizona#

          Embry-Riddle Aeronutical#

          Prescott# (+ visit with client in 2017)


          Arizona State#

          University of Arizona ( +SALT on my own)


Trip #34 5/02/16-5/075/16 Massachusetts 

             Worchester Polytechnic Institute#

          Clark University# (4th visit)

          College of the Holy Cross#

          Colleges of the Fenway#

                ( Emmanuel College, Simmons College, Wentworth Institute of Technology,

                 Wheelock College, Mass Art and MCPHS University )

          Harvard Univesity# (second visit)

          Emerson College

          Northeastern University

Trip #35 6/01/16-6/03/16 California

          Loyola Marymount University (second visit)


Trip #36 6/14/16 California

          University of California, Irvine

Trip #37 6/20/16-6/23/16 Pennsylvania 

          Franklin and Marshall# (second visit)

          Philadelphia University#

          St. Joseph’s University
          Temple University


Trip #38 10/31/16-11/02/16 Louisianna 

          University of Louisiana (Lafayette)#


          Tulane University# (+visit with a client in 2017)

          Dillard University#

          University of New Orleans#

          Loyola University, New Orleans#


Trip #39 5/8/2017-5/12/2017 Colorado

          U.S. Olympic Training Center#

          U.S. Air Force Academy#

          Colorado College#

          University of Denver#


Trip #40 6/18/2017-6/23/2017 California

          Cal Tech# (second visit)
          Whittier College# (second visit)

          Claremont-McKenna College# (All Claremont's many times)
          Harvey Mudd College#
          Pomona College#
          Scripps College#

          Pitzer College#
          Claremont Graduate University 
          Keck Graduate Institute (Minerva + Medical Post Bac)


Trip #41 9/11/17-9/16/17 Massachusetts and Connecticut

          Northeastern University# ( second time)

          Boston University#
          Trinity University* (Conn)
          University of Hartford#

          University of Saint Joseph#

          Central Connecticut State University#

Trip # 42 Oct 21, 2017  California
          University of LaVern ( Graduate school visit for client)

Trip # 43 11/12/17-11/18/17  The DMV (DC,Maryland,Virginia)
          The College of William and Mary#

          University of Virginia#

          Virginia Commonwealth#

          University of Richmond#


          George Washington

          American University (+ visit with a client)

Trip # 44 3/19/18-3/28/18 Western Canada/ Western Washington

          University of British Columbia

          Quest University

          Simon Frazer University
          University of Victoria (no classes but 4 prof 3 student interviews)

          Western Washington University( Fairhaven also)(no classes)

Trip #45 4/23/18-4/24/18 Texas
          Austin College#( second visit)
          Southern Methodist University#

          Texas Christian University#
          Baylor University#
          Southwestern University#
          St Edward's University ( a usual private visit)

Trip #46 6/14/18-6/15/18 Texas

           Southwesten University#

           Trinity University*

           UT Austin#

           St Edward's University#

Trip # 47 10/17/18- 10/28/18 New York
          New York University ( all but classes)
          Columbia University ( all but classes)

          Barnard College ( all but classes )

          Frordham University( both campuses) (all but classes)

          Pace University ( both campuses) ( classes)
          The New School-Eugene Lang ( all but classes)
          Big Apple College Fair
          CUNY- City College (all but classes)
          CUNY- Hunter ( classes)
          SUNY- Maritime (classes)
          Stevens Institute of Technology(classes)
          Sarah Lawrence College (all but classes)

Trip #48 11/07/18 California
           California Institute of the Arts ( all but classes)

Trip # 49  05/06/19-05/11/19 Chicago Area
           Lake Forest College#
          Northwestern University#( second visit)

          Loyola University Chicago#

          DePaul University#

          University of Chicago#( second visit)


Trip #50 06/16/19--06/21/19 Rhode Island, Conn, Mass
          Trinity (Conn)#


          Coast Guard Academy#
          Connecticut College#

#51 06/21/19-06/23/19 Charleston SC
          The Citadel
          College of Charleston




Additionally, over the years I have toured, attended information sessions and interviewed at 15 additional colleges:

    Whitworth University
    Univ. of Puget Sound

    Hendrix College
    Virginia Military Institute
    Williams College
    University of San Diego

    California Christian College

    Fresno Pacific University
    CSU Fresno



This next year I plan to be visiting at least these additional 10 more :

    Deep Springs College
    Hamilton College

    Washington University of St Louis
    Carneige-Mellon University

    St Mary's College of Maryland


    Wake Forest



    California Maritime