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We'd like to encourage you to visit this page daily to always be informed about the latest news and events at Find a Great College For You, but that would be silly: you have better things to do... and so have I. However... before you go on to the timeless suggestions below, I do have some NEW news: I will be moving soon March 31st to 4115 North VanNess Blvd. in Fresno: directions/address will change on that date.


Other Newish News:

1) I attended IECA's four day (July 23rd-27th 2012) Summer Training Institute at Swarthmore College just outside of Philadelphia, and have a wealth of information, evaluative methods, suggestions, and personal connections I'm eager either to encorporate into my practice and/or share with my clients.


2) From Sept 23rd-29th I visted  the College of the Atlantic, and Unity, Colby, Bates and Bowdoin Colleges. 


3) From Nov 4th-10th I attended the IECA National Convention in Atlanta and visiting 5 colleges: Agnes Scott, Spelman, Emory University (Emory&Oxford Colleges) and Oglethorpe Unversity.


4)  Just started Mycca training in December: organization of your materials and  access to said materials should improve exponentially in the near future. (Think of this as a better, more flexible and user freindly, form of Naviance.)


5) Visited Chapman, Whittier, and Univeristy of Redlands (Johnson Center) Feb. 10th-13 2013


6) Visited High Point, Elon, Brandeis, Boston College, and Wheaton (Mass)  between March 13 and 23rd.


7) I attended the IECA Spring Convention in Chicago April 8th-13th and making short visits to: University of Chicago, Northwestern, Lake Forest, Shimer, Illinois Inst. of Tech.,Illinois Wesleyan, Univ. of Illinois, VanderCook College of Music and Columbia College Chicago.


8) attended both CTCL college nights in the Bay Area on July 31 and Aug 1, 2013; took the occassion to visit both Stanford (tour and 3 student interviews only this time) and Dominican (tour, 2 student interviews, 3 professor interviews, admissions interview, and library and religious staff interview)


9) Off on September 15th-22nd to visit Yale, Vassar, Bard, Bard at Simon's Rock and Wesleyan.


10) I start my UCI Ceritication on Sept 23rd.


11) Joined HECA on March 1st, 2014


12) I attended the IECA conferences in Indianappolis and Orlando, visting a number of colleges


13) As of April 5th, 2014 I am an LCC...

        or rather "Find A Great College For You Fresno, LLC" is.


14) July 28,2014 attended with students the CTCL Santa Clara college night.


15) IECA conferences in Orlando in November 2014  and Baltimore in May 2015:           visited 10 colleges in conjunction with said visit and on a cross country trip back to California.


16) Will attend my first HECA Conference  June 15-18th 2015 in Cincinnati visiting Xavier  University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, Ohio State University, Ohio Wesleyan*, Denison*, Wittenberg.

17) Got Quoted in the NY Times (Nov 22, 2014) by the education writer Frank Bruni.


18) Attended my first NACAC conference in San Diego Sept 30-Oct. 3rd 2015


19) interviewd by Parke Muth, one of the profession's major thought leaders:


 20) Attended Scottsdale IECA Conference Nov 1-7 2015; alsovisited Prescott, Embry-Riddle, UNA, UA, ArizonaState,Thunderbird.


21) Dec 15th=one more class on my UCI Certificate: Remember, rates will change on May 1, 2016 as I will now have been in practice for 5 years, have my cert. and will be a full IECA member. My costs will be going up too... sorry, but so it goes. 

22) April 2016: I now have my Cert from UCI!! Attended conferences at IECA in Boston May 4-7, WACAC in Los Angeles June 3-7 and HECA in Phildelphia June 20-24: I am the master of conferences ! I also did a day long Professional Development Institute at the HECA conference staffed by 3 former HECA presidents.


23) attended IECA conference in New Orleans October 13-Nov. 5, 2016

24) ...and now (April 2017) I'm an IECA Professional Member.

25) attended WACAC SLC in Visalia/Tulare March 24, 2017


26) attended WACAC annual conference in Visalia June 13th-15th, 2017


27) attended HECA annual conference in Long Beach June 18-23, 2017 and toured 7 colleges

28) attended the CSU Counselor Conference in Visalia Sept. !8, 2017


29) attended NACAC annual conference in Boston Sept 12-14 2017 and toured 6 colleges

30) attended the IECA Conference in Washington DC November 12 -18, 2017 and toured 7 colleges




And I'm on facebook!!!( I know, I know... but big stuff to me.) See below.


And now Pinterest!!! ( I know, I know you think this is for crafters and searching for women's clothes... not my boards: check them out at: 


Suggestion #1: Let's both get out there and look at some colleges! Having already gone on a number of college visits is the single best preparation you can bring to visiting a college that you really want to get into; you wouldn't walk into your SATs cold and hope for the best, would you? You practice everything else; why should this be different? Of course, going in with a plan would be even better, and it just happens that I could help with that... . For the moment, here's a quick and dirty list to get you started:

(There may be 2400+ colleges in the US, but if a college isn't on this list of 380, you probably won't be considering it... initially.)

OR, if you can't do that,
take a virtual tour, either a first party one ( sponsored by the college) found either at their website (or here collectively at or a third party one at 



Suggestion #2: go download the Common App. (at  Welcome to the Common App!) to find out ahead of time what you are going to have to present to the colleges when you apply. The Common Application is now used by over 550 colleges, and is a great template for understanding what virtually all colleges are minimally looking for. Almost all colleges that use it also ask for supplimentary materials, but this is a great place to start. I used to say:


  "Just print it out, staple it together and read it through. Don't try to read it on-line or, heaven forfend, make it out at all before you are ready to submit it; just take a look and see what questions you'll need to have answered before you hit that Submit button. By the way, did I say avoid practicing on the form on-line? Once you hit that button there are no do-overs!"


but as of August 1, 2013 that hasn't been possible: the PDF is no longer available. On the other hand, the Submit button is a heck of a lot more user friendly... so get on line and see what's cooken'.


and now in 2015 the App is again, after much protest, available as a pdf for rough drafts: a bit tricky to find, but it's there.


and now as of August 2016 it will roll over from year to year.



Suggestion #3: Attend a good College Fair: there are good ones and there are ones not worth going to. Find out ahead of time the list of colleges that will be attending and the format. Here's an interesting place to start:

(Also, check out any college you are interested in attending's Admissions page: with a little perseverance you can find when/if they will be visiting our area: similar colleges often visit in packs and if you find one you get the rest as part of a package.)


Suggestion #4: Try out the FAFSA4caster and the "net price calculators." Since Oct. 28th, 2011 the U.S. has mandated that colleges include a "net price calculator" (sometimes called a"net cost calculator") on their web sites to help 'civilians' easily estimate and compare the true cost of a college education at each college, public or private. Sometimes it is a bit buried but it's worth looking for and by law must be called a "net price calculator" ...even though sometimes it isn't. It's easy to use and quick, maybe 15 minutes if you (or your parents) have tax returns to hand. Remember this is an 'estimator'--- that was even its original name--- but since its advent, it's a whole new, and much more transparent, ball game.  Compare a few of your favorite publics and privates. You will be surprised! (


The FAFSA4caster is the even easier to use Federal government version that calculates the EFC, the Expected Family Contribution, that is at the basis of all aid given in the US.


Suggestion #4 Plus (for parents) : Buy this book! The Complete Idiot's guide to Paying for College

(,,9781615640317.html ). I wish I had read this before I sent my two sons to college: it would have saved me a lot of money.



Suggestion #5 : learn to navigate a college website!


        practice here:


(Curiously I cannot make this a hot link, but if you copy and paste it into your search it works... go figure.)

Suggestion #7: go look at my Pinterest page ( )

Honestly, it isn't what you expect... really... trust me.