Alternatives to 'College Immediately after High School'           ( Under development)

So for whatever reason, you are thinking that 'straight-to-a-4-year' may not be for you or perhaps for your child: perhaps confidence or maturity or focus is lacking, perhaps the student is simply suffering from 'school burn out' and wants a break to 'do something else,' perhaps there are finacial issues, perhaps his or her academic record or athletic development (or both) needs improvement, perhaps there are LD or spectrum issues that need be addressed first--- whatever the reason,


this is your section.

Over 1/3---and by some ways of counting up to 1/2--- of all college students will transfer or in one way or another choose an 'other than direct' path from  high school graduation through college graduation. Most people have heard of

'taking a year off' or of  'the Junior year abroad' but these are but two of many many alternatives to '4 straight' that have developed, especially over the last 15 years.

There are many reasons for this change, some of them noble (and some not), some of them born of economic necessity (and some of conspicuous consumption) but most alternatives were born of the recognition that forcing everybody into the same educational box simply doesn't work very well for either the student or the college. This section of my web page is dedicated to starting to help you sort out, and perhaps choose among, some of these options.