Summer Programs are not (only) Summer School at home !

There are a myriad of Summer Programs out there to enhance both your understanding of yourself and your college applications, some quite good.  Here are but a few of the types of options available and that I can help you explore for your best options:


These might be paying or non-paying, formal or informal internships at local (or not so local) firms or agencies, that might concentrate on 1) earning money 2) learning a particular skill 3) becoming aware of what is entailed in working a particular profession or craft or 4) providing a particular service to the community... or any combination of the above. Try looking here : 


There are any number of programs ranging from 2-12 weeks touring foreign lands and from ones emphasizing culture, language, geographic awareness to those emphasizing  adventure and/or social service and from academic to physical development... and any combination of the above. Just Google "summer travel for hs students" For a different take try looking here: 

Academic Enrichment

 Again there are programs in most states of the union and in many foreign countries at various prep schools, colleges and universities that last from a less-than-a-week 'boot camp' to all summer and that offer chances either to repair a weak academic record or enhance a strong one with either extentions of classes already taken or entirely new subjects. Test Prep for SAT/ACT or UCLES/OCR is but the beginning of the offerings available which range not only from remedial English taken locally to well past AP physics at major US universities but also from British history taught on site to musicology in Vienna, kabuki in Kyoto or winemaking in Australia or Argentina. Try looking here:

Athletic Developement 

 From mini camps to touring teams to showcases opportunites abound in every state of the union at various colleges and prep schools and at various free-standing camps to train for specific sports as either a participant or a counselor (or both simultaneously!) or to learn the ropes of admission to and competing in Div I-III/NAIA athletic programs. Try looking here: 

Fine and Performance Arts

 Again there are 2-12 week programs in many venues  in this country and in many foreign countries at various colleges, prep schools  and free-standing institutes that offer chances to train for specific arts from music, dance and theater, to ceramics and oil painting and on to bookbinding and blacksmithing and ... the list goes on and on. Try looking here: