Deferral... or "Not quite yet..."

You got in!






...maybe something else other than college is calling... too:


....maybe a Gap year sounds like a necessary break right now; maybe service, maybe financial needs, maybe travel, maybe sports development, maybe a whole new and tempting academic/career direction or an in depth exploration of an already but tentatively chosen direction needs to be tried out first before you actually set foot on this campus... or maybe just 'anything-but-college-in-3-months.'

Deferral, if your college allows, (and most do whether they feature it or not on their websites) may be your best option. It is not an option to be taken lightly or without a plan such as is discussed above in the "Gap years" tab. In fact, virtually everything that can be said about Deferral other than 'find out your college's attitude on Deferral' is said in that tab: go there now...


except if...


... the reason you are seeking to Defer is that you didn't get into your first choice college and want to try a redo on applications...but want to keep this college in your back pocket as a safety if that doesn't work. If that is the case, you need a different college counselor: I find this use of Deferral unethical and will not assist anyone using deferral as a back-up plan.

If, on the other hand, you really are interested in trying out 'a whole new and tempting academic/career direction' first or feel the need to make a more 'in depth exploration of an already, but tentatively, chosen' direction in college, I'm more than interested in working with you.

In short, Deferral as a Mulligan? Not interested in helping; Deferral as a chance to explore?  Very interested in helping.


Transfer... or "oops, reload!"

Here is where you start:




No, don't go on...


Now read this:


Nope, we're not done: you're a college student now... this:



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OK, now let's talk...

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